Lu (Not Your Average Retelling) (elucreh) wrote in hp_utah,
Lu (Not Your Average Retelling)

I have a favor to ask...a gauntlet to throw.

A few friends of mine are planning a Potter party. We're including a cannon trivia quiz.

We're experts.

We want to challenge one another.

Can you help?

We agreed between us that we would each ask the little corners of the fandom we call home to help us out. So the favor I have to ask is this:

Give me some questions to ask them. Trivia. Minutiae. The color of Sir Cadogan's pony. The difference between stalagmite and stalactite. What Gilderoy Lockhart claimed he did with Ghouls.

We're not looking for questions like the color of Hermione's eyes or the number of the vault Hagrid emptied. We want some teensy weensy details to grill each other with.

Help us out? Please?

You can comment here or e-mail me at

P. S. We would, of course, be glad after the game has been played to post a link to a list of the questions gathered by our various friends so that you can borrow it for your own use.
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